Choose Which Shower Door Works for You!

Single Shower Doors

This is a shower door that opens from the left or right.

Door & Panel Shower Doors

These inline shower doors can fit in different ways. You can fit these to the wall or glass panel. These type of doors can be opened from the left or right.

Corner Shower Doors

This type of shower has two glass walls and two solid walls. This is normally fitted in the corner of your bathroom.

Neo Angle Shower Doors

This is a diamond shaped shower enclosure. There are about five glass panels with two being solid and three panels are glass.

Sliding Shower Doors

This type of shower has a sliding mechanism on top.

Bathtub Shower Doors

This type of glass enclosure goes on top of a bathtub and is either sliding or swinging bathtub shower doors.

Choose Your Shower Enclosure Configurations

Some showers are stand alone, others are next to a bathtub and have a half wall. No need to stress about this step because Allison Flooring and Glass will come measure and help you figure out the best configuration for your space.


 A frameless shower enclosure can be made up of 3/8″ to 1/2″ tempered & polished glass and it does not require heavy metal framing around it.  This type of enclosures takes away the heavy thick metal framing.  
A semi-frameless shower enclosure uses the minimum amount of metal/framing necessary.  It has a metal header and the fixed glass has a thin metal frame. 
Framed Enclosures 
Framed shower enclosures give off a more traditional look, while using a metal frame to stabilize the glass.  The aluminum border that holds the glass in place can come in a variety of finishes. 

Which Type of Glass to Use

Customers can decide whether they prefer a clear glass appearance or frosted look. We have pamphlets in our showroom that offer many more options.

Choose Your Hardware

Click on the links below to see what’s available in hardware finishes and choosing your handle and hinge styles.

Shower Door Installation

A team member from Allison Flooring & Glass will gladly come to your residence or place of business and measure your space for you.

Things to Remember:


All Tile Must be Installed First


Our Team will coordinate with you on the best time to begin installation.


Our team will answer all your questions to the best of their ability. We want you to understand the scope of the project before we begin. Call us today at 479-649-9989.

We have several crews that can install any of your shower door needs. Contact us today for a sales representative to come out and give you a turnkey bid. Our crews are large enough to tackle any residential or commercial project.