When picking out shower enclosures at Allison Flooring & Glass, the first thing you will need to decide is which type of enclosure fits your space best. Each type of shower enclosure will come with options to choose from what hardware finish options, pulls, knobs, towel bars and much more.  You can custom design your shower to be however you wish.


 A frameless shower enclosure can be made up of 3/8″ to 1/2″ tempered & polished glass and it does not require heavy metal framing around it.  This type of enclosures takes away the heavy thick metal framing.  
A semi-frameless shower enclosure uses the minimum amount of metal/framing necessary.  It has a metal header and the fixed glass has a thin metal frame. 
Framed Enclosures 
Framed shower enclosures give off a more traditional look, while using a metal frame to stabilize the glass.  The aluminum border that holds the glass in place can come in a variety of finishes. 

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At Allison Flooring & Glass we have a few free standing tubs to choose from with lengths at  59″ or 68″.  If you would like to do a shower insert come see our 60″ x 30″ shower insert.  All of our tubs and toilets are in-stock and available for buy today, pick up today. 

We have several crews that can install any of your shower door needs. Contact us today for a sales representative to come out and give you a turnkey bid. Our crews are large enough to tackle any residential or commercial project.